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Availability: When choosing your availability, please ensure it accurately reflects when you are able to volunteer as you will be assigned for a position on each night you are registered for. If changes need to be made after you register, please email our Talent Director at talent@evidenceofevil.net. 

Position Choice: Preferred positions are on a first come first serve basis due to high demand. Please choose the position you would prefer but keep in mind that many spots are filled. This may mean you will be scheduled for different positions throughout the season. 

Please look out for email and text updates from Evidence of Evil regarding your position(s). 

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By registering for Evidence of Evil, I certify that the above answers are complete and true to the best of my knowledge Any omission will be considered a falsehood I understand that false statements on this application are sufficient cause for dismissal should I be employed by Evidence of Evil, LLC In the event of employment, Evidence of Evil, LLC and its authorized agents are entitled to copyright, sell, or use in any manner, any picture, recording of my voice, electronic photography, and all forms of media pursuant to my employment I understand that this application is not a promise or contract of employment If employed, my signature below indicates that I agree to comply with all safety rules, grooming codes, and all rules and regulations set forth by Evidence of Evil, LLC I understand that if I am employed, I have the right to resign from the position at Evidence of Evil, LLC at any time, at my discretion, and Evidence of Evil, LLC has the right to terminate my employment with or without cause at any time If employed by Evidence of Evil, LLC I agree to submit to search of my purse, person, bag, or any space occupied or assigned to me I have authorized my former employers and other individuals to give information concerning me or my employment and I release them from any liability, therefore I understand that this application is for a volunteer position and that no pay is involved If this application leads to my employment, I understand that misleading or false information in my application or interview may result in my dismissal By hitting submit, you electronically sign this application and agree to the above statement

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